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Radcliffe Humanities Building

Radcliffe Humanities Building, photograph of front

TORCH is based at the historic Radcliffe Humanities Building. The building was formerly the Radcliffe Infirmary, which was Oxford's first hospital and was open from 1770 to 2007. It is fitting that a centre that supports research that brings the sciences and arts together should be based in an old hospital. Indeed, one of TORCH's major initial programmes is a collaborative venture called Medicine, Science and the Humanities which, according to Prof. Mark Harrison, the programme director, "will produce the world's largest forum for Medical Humanities and provide an unparalleled resource for public and professional engagement". (A number of visitors to the centre remember recovering from operations in what are now the seminar rooms. Some were born here).

The refurbished building opened in 2012 and is part of the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter redevelopment, a major new inititiatve for the humanities. As part of the ROQ development, there will be a public art iniative. The symposium for this series will be held at TORCH. Adjacent to the Radcliffe Humanities Building is the new Mathematical Institute. The HiCor research network, one of the first round of new networks to start at TORCH, is a collaboration between linguists and mathematicians.