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Adele Bardazzi

DPhil Candidate
Adele Bardazzi image

Adele Bardazzi completed her BA in English and Italian at Royal Holloway University of London in 2013 (for which she was awarded the Harrison Prize of that year). She went on to study at Christ Church, Oxford for a DPhil in Medieval and Modern Languages working on the twentieth-century Italian poet Eugenio Montale under the supervision of Prof. Emanuela Tandello.

Her doctoral research explores the multiple tensions between absence and presence in Montale’s poetry and aims to explore the nature of his ‘care ombre’ [beloved shadows]. More specifically, she is interested in the many absent-present female figures in Montale’s poetry and, more broadly, in the figure of the feminine poetic beloved in lyric poetry.

Her interests include twentieth-century Italian poetry, the role of gender in issues of social and cultural authority, canon formation, and Foucauldian discourses of power and subject formation.

Her focus on the figure of the feminine poetic beloved in lyric poetry and, more broadly, on gender issues led her to co-found and co-convene the Research Network ‘Gender and Authority’ jointly funded by TORCH and the Balliol Interdisciplinary Institute. This interdisciplinary project brings together academics from disciplines across the Humanities and Social Sciences.

More information on ‘Gender and Authority’ can be found on its website and on the TORCH website.

Twitter: @AdeleBardazzi