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Africa-Oxford (AfOx): Travel Grants

Africa- Oxford (AfOx) travel grants support the establishment of new collaborations between Africa and Oxford for research or teaching. AfOx is a cross university platform to support the development of equitable collaborations in research and teaching between staff at African institutions and collaborators in Oxford.

AfOx travel grants supports visits between potential collaborators in African institutions and their colleagues in Oxford, with a view to developing new collaborations around research or teaching. Applications are open to any discipline within the University.

The grant can be used to cover costs of travel (in either direction i.e. Oxford staff to an African institution or vice versa), accommodation and incidental expenses to a maximum of £5000 (it is anticipated that visits in general will be for periods between 1-8 weeks). Applications are made jointly between a member of staff at Oxford and a potential collaborator in an African institution (the travel award may cover more than two people and additional individuals should be named under purpose of the grant). The overarching aim of the scheme is to foster the development of new collaborations and the scheme is not intended to be used as alternative support for already established collaborations. Administration of the award will be the responsibility of the home department of the Oxford applicant. The application will be reviewed and receive feedback within 7 days. Applicants will be required to submit a brief report within one year of the award to give details of outputs (new collaborations, funding applications etc.) arising from the collaborative visit.