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Deborah Cameron


Deborah Cameron is Professor of Language and Communication in the Faculties of Linguistics and English, and a Fellow of Worcester College. She has a particular interest in the relationship between language and gender, and has published several academic books on that topic--most recently, with Sylvia Shaw, Gender, Power and Political Speech (Palgrave, 2016)--as well as one book for a nonspecialist audience, The Myth of Mars and Venus (Oxford University Press, 2007). In 2015 she started a blog, Language: a feminist guide: which looks at currently topical issues (many of them directly related to the question of gender and authority) from a linguist's perspective, drawing on her own and others' research. In addition to teaching and supervising research students in sociolinguistics, she is a contributor to Oxford's M.St in Women's Studies, where she currently offers an option on the history, politics, fiction and culture of the Anglo-American feminist second wave.