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Emily Troscianko

Postdoctoral Training Coordinator
Image of Emily Troscianko

Emily is both an early-career academic herself, as a Research Associate in the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages, and responsible for coordinating early-career training and support across the Humanities Division. In her coordinator role, she is trying to create greater cohesion between the different aspects of early-career provision, including by building a closer community across Faculties; coming up with new kinds of support for teaching, writing, and research skills; encouraging researchers to make links between their academic activities and the wider professional and social world; and emphasising the integration of mind and body, or work and welfare. She is always keen to hear from anyone who has questions or suggestions about Humanities provision at Oxford. Meanwhile, she tries to find time for too many other things: researching the connections between mental health (specifically eating disorders) and fiction-reading; co-authoring the third edition of a textbook on consciousness; maintaining a blog on eating disorders - and writing a book based on it; and researching and writing on various topics within the broad field of cognitive literary studies.