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Michael P. Kuczynski

Professor and Chair of English
Photo of Michael P. Kuczynski


Michael P. Kuczynski is Professor and Chair of English at Tulane University, New Orleans. He has published a monograph on the influence of the Psalms in Middle English, Prophetic Song: The Psalms as Moral Discourse in Late Medieval England (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1995; reissued 2014) and many essays on the Psalms in medieval culture. He is completing an edition of the extensive Middle English glosses on the Psalms in MS Bodley 554, a Wycliffite Psalter and Canticles, and is also at work on a study of the apocryphal 'Letter of Lentulus,' a thirteenth-century forgery concerning the physical appearance of Christ that derives from the Psalms and medieval Psalm commentaries.