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Moving Performances

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Thursday, June 23, 2016 -
10:30am to 7:15pm
Faculty of Music, St Aldate's, Oxford, OX1 1DB


How are passions or insanities produced opera and ballet, or in spectacles of live art? How might such performances generate space and atmospheres? How might bodies performing/experiencing emotion move/be moved through spaces? What kind of political material is the voice as a connecting medium between performer and audience?

This day symposium brings together researchers who are interested in the capacities and aesthetics of the voice in performance, and its spatial politics.  The symposium title uses cultural theorist Jennifer Doyle’s phrase 'unruly emotions' (2013) to signal contemporary art's use of emotion and affect as artistic materials, often manifested by those working in the traditions of live art and performance. Such work involves specific bodies that inhabit particular places, an understanding which chimes with both musicology's study of performances, and also cultural geography’s recent attention to affect and spatial politics
Presentations and performances have been selected to encourage dialogue and debate between the fields of fine art practice, cultural geography and music. The event showcases a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches to voice, space and unruly or excessive or unreasonable emotion. We delighted that artist Hannah Jones will open the conference with a new performance “Owed to the Afrofuture” and Dr Naomi Matsumoto, Goldsmiths, University of London, will present the closing keynote lecture.

Please note this symposium is limited to 50 participants including presenters.

Please release your free ticket if no longer able to attend. 

A vegetarian sandwich lunch and refreshments will be provided.


10.30-11.00     Arrival and registration

11.00-11.10     Welcome and introduction to interdisciplinary themes

11.00-11.30     Performance: Hannah Jones “Owed to the Afrofuture

11.30-12.30     Short papers:

Linda Stupart “A Spell to Bind All-Male Conference Panels

Elisabeth Belgrano “Glories to Nothingness

Charlotte Veal “Spatial Politics of Dance Performance and Protest

12.30-13.30     Interventions/Performances:

Sarah Jones “A Three Legged Man and Other Inquisitive Fruits

Raju Rage “There May Not Be Materiality of Sex That Is Not Burdened By The Sex Of Materiality

Emma Bolland “Talking to Myselves

Joseph Noonan-Ganley “Excerpt from Femme Fabrications

13.30-14.30     Vegetarian lunch (provided)

14.30-15.30     Interventions/Performances:

Beatrice Loft Schulz and Laura Morrison “Be The Unbearable Centre

Robin Bale “KKKaaa

Daniel Litchman “The Death of Michael C Ruppert

15.30-16.30     Short papers:

Terence Curran & Alison Wells “Miss Donnithorne’s Unruly Emotions

Phil Emerson “Whose Laugh Is It Anyway?

Brian Inglis “The Song of Margery Kempe

16.30-17.00     Tea and Biscuits

17.00               Panel discussion on interventions/performances

18.00               Naomi Matsumoto: Keynote lecture "Controlling the Unruly: Art, Stylized Performance and Symbols of Feeling"

19.15               Close

Organising Team at the University of Oxford:

Belinda Robinson, Department of Music

Rhian Scott, Department of Geography

Nina Wakeford, Ruskin School of Art

Supported by TORCH.

Open to all