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TORCH supports a range of projects which engage researchers with external partners, these include Knowledge Exchange Fellowships, the Knowledge Exchange Seed Fund, the Thames Valley Country House Partnership, and the Oxford German Network. Activities supported through TORCH include an annual radio 'pitching' competition, the Oxford Enterprise website, Oxford University Innovation Consulting, a Public Engagement Summer School and AHRC Cultural Engagement Fellowships. The Oxford Impacts series celebrates academic research, across a range of subjects, that has had an impact on the world. For our examples, select ‘Humanities’ from the Division drop down menu.

Oxford Knowledge Exchange Fellowships 2017

Oxford Knowledge Exchange Fellowships 2016

Oxford Knowledge Exchange Fellowships 2015

Oxford Knowledge Exchange Fellowships 2014

Knowledge Exchange on the RCUK site.

Knowledge Exchange on the AHRC website.

The NCCPE website (for resources on Public Engagement).

The Creative Industries KTN.