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The Rameau Project

Founded by Dr Jonathan Williams (TORCH AHRC Cultural Engagement Fellow 2013-14), the Rameau Project is a large-scale multidisciplinary research project devoted to the operas of Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683-1764). This ambitious venture is bringing together leading international scholars and the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment in a major reappraisal of Rameau's stage works.

Employing highly developed music, richly choreographed dance sequences and multi-referencing librettos, these multimedia products are sophisticated expressions of Enlightenment agendas. As such, few idioms are as complex or raise as many unanswered questions of scholarship, performance and interpretation. For instance, in what ways did the intellectual doctrines and cultural contexts of mid-eighteenth-century France shape the work of Rameau and his collaborators? Can the Paris Opéra’s idiosyncratic performing environment be better understood? Is his work faithfully represented by performances today? How would Rameau’s operas sound were his composer-specific practices to be comprehensively adopted? And how would they look if historically-informed choreography was performed?

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Dr Jonathan Williams