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Rob Johnson

Director of the Changing Character of War
Image of Rob Johnson

Dr Rob Johnson is the Director of the Changing Character of War (CCW) research programme at the University of Oxford ( The CCW Programme brings together academics, policy makers and armed forces professionals in the study of war, pursuing a variety of research themes including the future character of war, war and the state in a connected world, violent non-state actors and conflict environments, strategy and operations, and the moral-legal dimensions of war. Rob Johnson’s primary research interests are in the history of strategy and war, and their contemporary applications. He has just completed a strategic history of the First World War entitled The Great War and the Middle East (Oxford University Press, 2016) and an edited work on Gallipoli: The Turkish Perspective with Dr Metin Gurcan, a former Special Forces officer. He is about to publish a monograph on the history of partnering irregular indigenous forces, entitled True to Their Salt, which concludes with the current approaches to security forces assistance by the United States, Great Britain and France.