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Sandra Mayer

Erwin Schrödinger Research Fellow

Sandra is an Erwin Schrödinger Research Fellow (Austrian Science Fund) in English literature at the University of Oxford’s English Faculty and affiliated to Wolfson College. She is working on a post-doc project that is situated at the crossroads of celebrity and authorship studies and focuses on the closely aligned public personae of literary celebrity and celebrity politician in the career of Benjamin Disraeli. A critical reading of Disraeli’s fictional and non-fictional writings and an analysis of their reception aims at highlighting 1) the strategies employed by Disraeli in the construction and performance of his public personae throughout his life; 2) the ways in which Disraeli’s twin roles of literary celebrity and celebrity politician influenced each other in the creation and perception of his (posthumous) public image.


Before coming to Oxford, Sandra worked as a lecturer and research assistant in the University of Vienna’s English Department, where she completed her doctoral thesis on the reception of Oscar Wilde's works on twentieth-century Viennese stages. As a literary and cultural historian, Sandra’s research interests centre on the intersections of authorship, literary celebrity, and politics in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, literary networks and cosmopolitanism at the fin de siècle.