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Siân Pooley

Associate Professor, Faculty of History
Image of Siân Pooley

My research is centred on the question of how social change and continuity happened in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Britain. I am especially interested in studying the past through the relationships that mattered to children, men and women, and am currently working in two main areas. My doctoral research and the publications that emerged from this explore questions of change and diversity through a study of parenthood during the late-nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century fertility decline, when couples halved the size of their families. This interest in how men and women were altered by the experience of forming relationships with their children grew into working collaboratively on a co-edited book on the passing on of parenthood between generations.My second area of research focuses on writing by children that was published in the seventy years before the Second World War. I am interested in how these young writers made themselves articulate in the popular press, the power relations within – and beyond – these spaces of communication, and what children’s writing tells us about generational change and the subjectivity of young people.