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Simon Kemp

Tutorial Fellow in French, Somerville College

Dr Simon Kemp is the Tutorial Fellow in French at Somerville College. He was among the earliest researchers to bring cognitive approaches into French literary studies with his 2008 article, Darrieussecq’s Mind, followed up with a monograph the following year which drew extensively on cognitive literary analysis in its study of contemporary French fiction. Since then he has broadened his sphere of cognition-based research to include such topics as convergence between Bergsonian philosophy and Damasio’s theory of the somatic feedback loop, or analysis drawing on Lena Boroditsky’s experiments on the use of spatial metaphors in abstract thought. He has recently completed the first in an academic trilogy on the representation of the conscious and unconscious mind, exploring changing conceptions of each in literary representation across the last century, and comparing these fictional minds to cognitive and other models of the mind.

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