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Sophie Bocksberger

Berrow Scholar
Sophie Bocksberger

Sophie Bocksberger is a DPhil student at Lincoln College, Oxford. Her thesis is on the Archaic and Classical Reception of the Figure of Telamonian Ajax. Her interests focus on archaic and classical literature, papyrology, ancient performance, outreach, and teaching (among other things).

She is fully funded by the Berrow Foundation (2011-2014), and is also a holder of a scholarship from the Swiss National Science Fund (2014-2015). In the past, she has also received the generous support of the Fondation Théodore Lagonico (2011) as well as the Fondation Sophie Afenduli (2009). She did her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree at the University of Lausanne before studying a semester at UCL (2009). She also spent a research year at the Scuola Normale Superiore as invited scholar.

Sophie Bocksberger is also a professional dancer, actress and model. She collaborates with several artists. At the moment, she is working with the New-York based photographer Jingjing Luò on a series of pictures that will be exhibited at the Oriental Art Centre in Shanghai this coming spring.