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Susan Gillingham

Professor of the Hebrew Bible
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Susan Gillingham is Professor of the Hebrew Bible at the University of Oxford, and Fellow and Tutor in Theology at Worcester College, Oxford.  She was recently awarded the degree of Doctor of Divinity, one of two women to receive it to date.  Her chief research interest is in the Book of Psalms.  This includes their setting in ancient Israelite and early Jewish religion,  the literary and theological shaping of the Psalter as a whole, and the reception history of psalmody over the last two and a half millennia,  both in Jewish and Christian tradition, in commentaries, sermons, liturgy, art, music, poetry and translation. She has worked on various psalms projects, including Symposia at Baylor University, TX;  the Department of Sacred Scriptures, Hebrew and Greek, Faculty of Theology of the University of Malta; the Psalms D-F-G Projekt at the University of Bonn; the Theological Seminary of Virginia; for Ars Erdendi at Stockholm University; for the Psalms and Hebrew Poetry Sections of the Society of Biblical Literature;  and for Project Psalms at the Department of Old Testament Studies, University of Pretoria, where she is a Research Associate.  Her most recent books include A Journey of Two Psalms:  The Reception of Psalms 1 and 2 in Jewish and Christian Tradition, Oxford: Oxford University Press (2013); Jewish and Christian Approaches to the Psalms. Conflict and Convergence, Proceedings of the Oxford Conference on Jewish and Christian Approaches to the Psalms, (ed. S.E. Gillingham), Oxford: Oxford University Press (2013), and Psalms through the Centuries,  Volume One,   Blackwell Bible Commentaries (eds. J.A.  Sawyer, J. Kovacs, C. Rowland and D.M. Gunn), Oxford:  Blackwell Publishing (2008).  She is President-elect of the Society for Old Testament Study (for 2019).  She is currently working on a reception history commentary of the entire Psalter; Volume Two (Psalms 1-72) is due out in March 2018.