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Yin Yin Lu

DPhil Candidate
Yin Lu

Yin Yin Lu is a DPhil Candidate at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) and Balliol College. She is fascinated by the intersection between language and technology, and her research focuses on the hashtag, one of the most notable sociotechnical phenomena of the 21st century. Drawing upon sociology of culture and digital rhetoric, Yin is investigating the persuasive function of hashtags in the context of the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum. Which factors influence hashtag success and failure? What strategies do individuals and organisations use when they tweet with a hashtag, and why?

Prior to joining the OII, Yin obtained a Masters in English Language from the University of Oxford (Lincoln College) in 2014 and a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia University in 2012. Between these degrees, she worked at Pearson’s Higher Education division and 10 Speed Labs, a digital media agency in Manhattan. While at Columbia, she was a research annotator at the Centre for Computational Learning Systems and the editor in chief of Inside New York 2011, a nationally-published guidebook to New York City. At Oxford, she is a tutor for the Seminar for Advanced English Studies, a city tour guide, a digital and educational consultant, an alto in Wadham Chapel Choir, and the Senior Community Warden at the Student Union. A Clarendon Scholar, Yin served on the Clarendon Council in 2015 and was editor in chief of the Clarendon Chronicle. She was also a lead organiser of the OII’s Connected Life 2015 conference, which was part of the inspiration for #SocialHumanities.

Yin defines herself as a creator, communicator, and connector. Her passion for networking and event management led her to launch the Lexicography Society at Columbia and an English Language Seminar at Lincoln College. She has also created a video series for the Lexicography Society, What’s Your Word? Her eclectic interests span experimental writing, startups and entrepreneurship, piano, singing, SEO/SEM, mixology, cooking, travel, learning languages, photography, hiking, and video production. Yin’s ultimate objective is to reinvent the novel—along with the very acts of reading and writing—through new media technologies. (See Hashnovel for details.)

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