Call For Expressions of Interest to Convene a Workshop, Give a Masterclass or Talk in Digital Humanities

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The Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School (DHOxSS) is a major annual international training event at the University of Oxford. DHOxSS is the largest Digital Humanities summer school in Europe. Participants come from around the world, from all career stages, and from a mixture of research and “alt-ac” positions and roles in related fields and enterprises that support and enable research, teaching, and learning. In 2016, it had 166 participants plus 76 speakers, across 8 week-long workshop strands. DHOxSS 2017 will run 3–7 July 2017, based at St Anne's College.

1. Would you like to run one of DHOxSS 2017’s week-long workshop strands?

Convening a workshop strand is an excellent opportunity to engage colleagues at all career levels with your research, to spread knowledge of current projects, to create and explore new materials and methods, and to bring experts in your field together in Oxford as speakers on the strand.

Workshop strands run in parallel for 5 days, totalling 22.5 hours of teaching each (pending finalized timetable). Workshop conveners are responsible for delivering this tuition. Participants' learning is broadened over the week through 5 hours of additional lectures, which are organised by the DHOxSS Executive Committee.

DHOxSS is delighted to invite speakers and conveners to some of the summer school’s evening events, for example the research poster and drinks reception, in acknowledgement of their work and to encourage collegiality amongst speakers, conveners, and participants. There is no payment available from DHOxSS for either conveners or speakers, but DHOxSS does offer some provision for travel and accommodation expenses for speakers coming from outside Oxford.

Workshops are usually convened by members of the University of Oxford. Organising a workshop is voluntary, rewarding, an excellent opportunity to disseminate research methods, gain more experience in training, and curate an international community around your research interests from amongst the diverse DHOxSS participants who come from all research backgrounds and career stages.

The workload of organizing a workshop is not insignificant, with effort required during the year as well as during the summer school. You will be responsible for the workshop's content and organization, supported by the Executive Committee and the University of Oxford e-Research Centre’s Events team. Workshop conveners are responsible for:

• designing the workshop curriculum
• arranging speakers
• timely delivery of workshop information, including workshop timetable, session titles and descriptions, speakers' biographies
• delivering workshop teaching and materials
• liaising with the DHOxSS Executive Committee and workshop speakers
At this stage, we seek expressions of interest only.

Details of 2016's workshops are at There is more detailed information for potential workshop conveners at and for more information, you can approach any member of the Executive Committee (

If you would like to submit a DHOxSS 2017 workshop proposal please complete the form at before 5pm on Friday 20 January 2017. The form asks for basic contact information for the convener, a title and a brief description of the proposed workshop (250 word abstract).

2. Would you like to give an hour’s masterclass or talk on your current research?

Hour-long talks that are additional to the week-long workshop strands attended by participants run in parallel on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the summer school (4–6 July 2017). These talks are delivered by members of the University and showcase research and teaching projects that engage with humanities approaches, data, and collections from across the University.

For speakers, they are an opportunity to run a small focussed workshop (masterclass) with a diverse and interested audience, or to exchange ideas through a talk and subsequent discussion. For participants, they offer views onto areas—approaches, methods, and subjects—beyond the theme of the workshop they have selected for the week.

If you would like to submit a DHOxSS 2017 masterclass or talk proposal please complete the form at before 5pm on Friday 20 January 2017.

3. Review procedure

Submitted forms will be reviewed by the DHOxSS 2017 Executive Committee in consultation with the Advisory Board. We will respond to your proposal(s) by 5pm on Friday 3 February 2017.

If you would like help in formulating your workshop, masterclass, or talk proposal, would like to offer to speak on someone else’s workshop, or have any questions, please contact

This is a call from David De Roure, James Cummings, and Pip Willcox.

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