Call for Papers | Oxford Migration Conference

Call for Papers | Oxford Migration Conference*
17 – 18 May 2018, Worcester College

Human mobility is accompanied by processes of inclusion and exclusion. Whether in large-scale economic processes or face-to-face encounters, navigating ethnic, cultural, religious, economic, or linguistic differences resulting from migration and mobility can be challenging for states, societies, and individuals alike. What are the various scales and moments at which processes of inclusion and exclusion come to the fore? Who includes and who excludes? Where do processes of inclusion and exclusion take place? What effects do they have at the individual, regional, national or international levels?

This conference aims to generate new inter- and multi-disciplinary insights and ideas on the theme of inclusion/exclusion. We invite abstracts from researchers at all academic levels addressing processes of inclusion/exclusion in relation to human migration and mobility from all disciplinary perspectives including, but not limited to:

·         History

·         Medicine

·         Law and Socio-Legal Studies

·         Theology and Religious Studies

·         Literature and Cultural Studies

·         Development Studies

·         Economics

·         Sociology and Anthropology

·         Linguistics and Languages

·         Environmental Studies

·         Geography (Physical and Human)

·         Performing Arts and Musicology

·         Public Health

·         Politics and Political Science








Proposals can also straddle these approaches, for example as they address how inclusion and exclusion are narrated, imagined, performed, legislated, or advocated.

Practitioners and policy-makers are welcome to submit their ideas, and contributions that feature applied or practical collaboration with groups or individuals outside of universities are particularly invited. Please note, however, that travel subsidies are not available and the organisers cannot offer advice on local transport and accommodation.

Abstracts (350 words) specifying your contribution as it relates to the themes of inclusion/exclusion and human mobility or migration should be sent to by 20 April 2018. Decisions will be communicated by 4 May.

* organised by the TORCH Migration and Mobility Network and the Oxford Migration Studies Society




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