When Goalposts Change

The TORCH Heritage Programme is pleased to circulate this survey by the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA)


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No-one can be sure what the coming months will bring in terms of Covid-19 developments, but we need evidence to help predict impacts that may arise in order to inform Government and sector responses.

We have set up a survey to help us to understand how archaeological businesses are anticipating and preparing for these impacts. For example, we are interested in:


  • How are businesses approaching the re-opening of sites with regards to safety, capacity and efficiency?
  • What impacts of possible approaches to the eventual easing of lockdown are you considering? (eg how might you be affected by 'cycles' of lockdown, or staged easing?)
  • What demand are you forecasting and are you anticipating any specific skills shortages? (eg do you anticipate a spike in demand and/or supply chain issues?)
  • What longer term financial vulnerabilities are you aware of and what support may be needed?


We would like to invite members to submit evidence and examples from how they are responding or planning for the future. You can submit your thoughts via SurveyMonkey here. Alternatively you can also get in touch with us by emailing rob.lennox@archaeologists.net.

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