Creative Industries Seed Fund Awards

creative industries seed fund

We are excited to have supported a range of projects through Creative Industries Seed Funding in the 2018-19 academic year. Projects have ranged from AI retellings of Shakespeare plays and an Augmented Reality Victorian schoolmistress at The Ragged School Museum to a prototype of a Mixed Reality immersive experience of the tomb of Tutankhamun.


The two most recent seed funds have been awarded to:


Professor Simon Palfrey's and Dr. Liz Swift's (Void Projects) exploration of the use of digital and live technologies to explore the ongoing encounter between European and indigenous cultures in Australia as part of a new iteration of Simon's 'Demon's Land' project.


Professor Abigail Green's and Ruth Ur's (UrKultur) development of the Jewish Country House project which involved commissioning one of the world's leading architectural photographers, Hélène Binet, to photograph up to six of the European houses.


Read more on our blog. The Creative Industries Seed Fund 2019-20 is open for applications.