Curiosity Carnival Comes to Town!


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Curiosity Carnival is a chance to find out what research is really all about, meet researchers, ask questions and discover how research affects and changes all our lives.

The night is a huge festival of curiosity – a city-wide programme of activities across the University of Oxford’s museums, libraries, gardens and woods. There will be a wide range of activities for all ages and interests – live experiments, games, stalls, busking, debates, music, dance and a pub-style quiz.

Among the many humanities researchers taking part are: 

- Professor Armand D'Angour (Classics) who will be bringing ancient Greek music to life at the Museum of Natural History and Pitt Rivers Museum. Watch him talk about his project here.
- . In a unique collaboration between University researchers and theatre-makers from Chipping Norton Theatre, The Contagion Cabaret presents a selection of infectious extracts from plays and music, past and present, on the subject of all things contagious. The Contagion Cabaret is based on research from the 'Diseases of Modern Life' project. Read more about the Diseases of Modern Life here
- Dr Dominic Davies (English) with a caricaturist bringing live drawings to us. Find out more about Dominic's TORCH network Comics and Graphic Novels: The Politics of Form here.
- Dr Artemis Papatheodorou (Oriental Institute) who will be talking about Istanbul's Byzantine walls and heritage preservation versus progress. 
- Dr Jennifer Oliver (Medieval and Modern Languages) who will speak on 16th century French renaissance attitudes to technology and art.
- Professor Senia Paseta (History) who will share her research on how women shaped Irish independence. Find out about the TORCH Women in Humanities programme which Senia leads here
- Michael Plant (Philosophy) will speak on his research on what makes us happy. Read his article in The Conversation here

Oxford Bus Company will be providing free transport on the city5 and city8/9 routes from 11am on Friday 29 September to Curiosity Carnival ticket holders.

For more information and to book your ticket, click here

Tweet your photos and comments on the night @TORCHOxford using the hashtag #CuriosityCarnival.



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