Emily Troscianko discusses experience of anorexia on BBC Inside Out South

Image of Emily Troscianko with white background

In a special episode in conjunction with Eating Disorders Awareness Week, Dr Emily Troscianko appeared on BBC Inside Out South to discuss her experience of anorexia.

Dr Troscianko was interviewed on the episode, which aired on 25 February 2019, alongside other individuals with experience of eating disorders. In the segment, Dr Troscianko spoke about her experience of anorexia and the part that powerlifting played in changing her attitude towards her body.

Dr Troscianko is a TORCH Research Associate and the author of several books including Kafka’s Cognitive Realism (Routledge, 2014); she held a TORCH Knowledge Exchange Fellowship in 2014-15 in collaboration with the eating disorders charity Beat. Her research spans the cognitive and the medical humanities, involving methods and principles from literary studies, experimental psychology, and psychiatry.

The episode can be viewed on the BBC One website here.