Everyday Matters: Writing Obscure Lives

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On 5 May 2018 Oxford Centre for Life Writing is pleased to be hosting this 1-day colloquium, which will bring together writers and scholars from across the humanities and the social sciences.  We will explore the creative and critical practices involved in the writing of everyday lives, past and present, including: the politics and poetics of representation, research methodologies, case studies, and more.

Life-writing is a multidisciplinary subject that spans everything from the complete life to the day-in-the-life, from the fictional to the factional. It is not only a literary or historical specialism, but is relevant across the arts and sciences, and can involve philosophers, psychologists, sociologists, ethnographers, and anthropologists.

All methods and approaches on the theme of writing obscure lives are welcome, historical and contemporary, personal and philosophical. We invite proposals for 20 minute papers or 1 hour workshops, the closing date for submissions is Friday 15 December 2017. See the call for papers for more details, or submit your abstract.

Click here to view the conference website.


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