Heritage Pathway Trip to the Netherlands: Participants Announced

Following a rigorous and competitive selection process, fifteen postgraduate students and early career researchers from across the breadth of the Humanities Division have been chosen for this year's Heritage Pathway trip to Amsterdam (15th-19th March 2020). The participants are:

  • Amy Lim (DPhil History)
  • Anna Clark (DPhil History)
  • Elena Porter (DPhil History)
  • Elisabeth Grass (DPhil History)
  • Emily Winkler (Research Fellow and Principal Investigator, History Faculty)
  • Holly James Johnston (MSt English [1900-Present Day])
  • Isabelle Riepe (MSt Modern Languages [German])
  • Jessica Rahardjo (DPhil History)
  • Leo Geyer (DPhil Music)
  • Madeleine Kennedy (DPhil Fine Art)
  • Mimi Goodall (DPhil History)
  • Olivia Durand (DPhil History)
  • Rhea Stark (MPhil Islamic Art and Archaeology)
  • Saman Tariq Malik (DPhil History)
  • Sylee Gore (MSt Creative Writing)

The trip will be led by Oliver Cox (Heritage Engagement Fellow), Alice Purkiss (National Trust Partnership Lead), Hanna Smyth (National Trust Partnership Support Officer) and Caroline Thurston (Humanities Researcher Development and Training Manager).

Read the professional biographies of the trip participants here.

Heritage Pathway is one of seven 'training pathways' offered through the Humanities Researcher Development and Training Programme. Its aim is to equip postgraduate students and early career researchers with the skills, knowledge, confidence and opportunities to engage effectively and efficiently with a wide range of partners in the heritage sector. Now in its fourth year, Heritage Pathway has become a flagship training programme of the Humanities Division and possesses an impressive track record in developing and supporting the next generation of emerging leaders in the heritage sector.

The 2020 Heritage Pathway trip to Amsterdam aims to introduce researchers to heritage initiatives in the wider European landscape, enable engagement with international partners in the heritage sector, and stimulate the professional development of researchers whose research or professional aspirations intersect with the heritage sector. The programme of the trip has been designed to maximise personal and professional development opportunities for all participants through leadership responsibilities, reflective discussions, networking opportunities and support, research showcases, and hands-on workshops with partners in the heritage sector.

The trip itinerary includes:

  • Visits to the Rijksmuseum, Tropenmuseum, Naturalis Biodiversity Centre, Mauritshuis, and a range of other museums and galleries
  • Networking lunches and guest lectures with curators and expert practitioners
  • A day of workshops with the Dutch partners of Innocastle
  • A research showcase with members of the Centre for Digital Humanities at the University of Amsterdam

We look forward to sharing our experiences of the trip on this blog in the near future. You can follow our activities on Twitter using #HeritagePathway.

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