Medical Humanities Programme Grants

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The Medical Humanities Programme at TORCH is delighted to offer grants to support collaborative projects in all areas relating to Medical Humanities. We also welcome applications that are led by, or involve, postgraduate and/or early career scholars.

Medical Humanities are at the cutting edge of research in the arts, sciences, and humanities, and seek to address some of the most pressing concerns facing scholars, creative practitioners, and innovators from a broad range of backgrounds. Research in the Medical Humanities at Oxford is undertaken by a wide range of individual scholars, research groups, and large-scale projects, and supported by a variety of centres and faculties.

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Funding opportunities 2016:

1. Medical Humanities Workshop/Symposium/Conference Grant – up to £2,000

This stream offers funding up to a total of £2,000 for an interdisciplinary workshop, symposium, or conference. Proposals should include an outline of the theme and the proposed structure, a draft call for papers, indicative budget, and ideas about the event’s legacy and impact.

2. Medical Humanities Research Project – grants up to £1,000

This award will assist scholars in undertaking new collaborative research. It can be used for facilitating workshops and collaborative meetings across disciplines and with non-academic partners, and may include travel expenses, accommodation (if needed), refreshments, room hire (if required – if available, rooms at TORCH can be booked for free) and research activities expenses. Proposals should include a justification for resources and details of the proposed research outcomes.

Deadline: The deadline to submit applications will be 5pm on Friday 27 May 2016

Please submit applications to Victoria McGuinness (Business Manager):


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