NEW interdisciplinary networking series

The Humanities Researcher Development and Training Programme, in collaboration with TORCH, is pleased to launch a new series of events for Hilary Term 2021: Interdisciplinary Connections.

These informal networking events provide an opportunity for researchers at any stage of their career to meet others working on similar, cognate or connected topics. Each event is designed to bridge the artificial disciplinary boundaries imposed by the university structure of faculties and departments, bringing together researchers with similar interests who might not otherwise have the opportunity to meet.

There are no specified outcomes for these events, but we hope that these events will, perhaps:

  • provide 'fuel' for your current research questions
  • provide inspiration for a new methodology
  • initiate a new seminar series
  • underpin a grant application
  • create a foundation for a new research network
  • or simply support the creation of a new network of friends and colleagues.

Each session has a theme chosen for its broad application and wealth of connections into a range of Humanities disciplines. If your research touches on, intersects with, or speaks to the topic of a particular session, we encourage you to sign up.

The topics for Hilary Term are:

Please note: after the workshop, we will circulate the research topic summaries and email addresses of attendees, to enable participants to continue conversations in their own time. Please only sign up for this workshop if you are happy for your details to be used in this way!

If you're interested in these events but none of these topics speak to your subject, please contribute your suggestions to this Padlet. You can upvote or downvote other suggestions too!

We gratefully acknowledge the 'ResearcherConnect' sessions offered by the Social Sciences Division as inspiration for the 'Interdisciplinary Connections' events.