Oliver Cox appointed to the Arts Council England’s designation panel

TORCH is delighted to announce that Knowledge Exchange Fellow Oliver Cox has recently been appointed to Arts Council England’s designation panel.

The designation scheme ‘exists to identify and celebrate collections of outstanding resonance – that deepen our understanding of the world and what it means to be human’ and designated collections cover such diverse areas as political and ecclesiastical archives, art history, literature and theatre, economics, the history of transportation on land and on water, and the medical profession. 

The designation panel draws upon expertise from a range of fields, including members from the Wellcome Trust, the Royal Academy of Music, the National Trust, and the University of Cambridge. Oliver will join the panel, bringing a wealth of experience in developing collaborations between the higher education and heritage sectors.  

Scott Furlong, Director of AELCU, Arts Council England, said "we are extremely fortunate in England to have so many outstanding museum, library and archive collections and we are very proud to recognise them through the Designation Scheme. Each member of the Designation panel brings their own expertise and passion to contribute to the success of the Scheme and we are thrilled to welcome these newly appointed members.”

Oliver created and manages the Thames Valley Country House Partnership, a University of Oxford initiative supported by the Higher Education Innovation Fund, that explores how best to create sustainable partnerships between the heritage and higher education sectors. 

Oliver said “I am delighted to join Arts Council England’s Designation Panel. The Designation Panel are in a powerful position to develop impactful case studies showcasing exceptional collaborative research projects, which will inspire and encourage academics not only to work with Designated Collections, but to foster and create links with other local museums and collections.”

Oliver Cox portrait