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Oxford will host the UK’s first Public Health Film Festival from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th June at the Phoenix Cinema on Walton Street and will include a variety of feature films, short films, workshops, panel discussions and events. Events will also be held at the Radcliffe Humanities Building, which was once - rather appropriately - a hospital.

The festival will bring together individuals, organisations and industry leaders to discuss how we inspire the next generation of health related films.

The festival also launches a new film-makers prize, supported by TORCH, for the best submitted short film with a focus on public health.

The theme of the festival is ‘Past, Present and Future,’ and the festival will showcase films that demonstrate how the understanding of population health has shaped the past, our present; and how it will undoubtedly shape the future. 

Films showing at the Phoenix Cinema include:  The Dallas Buyers Club (Friday), Nero’s Guest (Saturday), Sea of Change (Saturday), Contagion (Saturday) and WALL-E (Sunday).  There will also be a family event taking place on Sunday, 29 June with activities at the Radcliffe Humanities Building following the screening of WALL-E. PLease click here for the programme.

Stella Botchway, from the Public Health Film Festival, said:  “Public health in the UK and around the world is the key issue of our time. Diet, social inequality, the global economy, the control of infectious diseases and climate change are just a few of the challenges facing public health experts. 

“The Public Health Film Festival passionately believes that both film and public health have the ability to change people’s lives, which is why we have brought these two disciplines together in order to inform and inspire the public.

“The historic backdrop of Oxford will provide the perfect environment to reflect on the rich heritage of health related cinema and film, from public health announcements to Hollywood blockbusters.”

Early bird tickets are just £5 per film and are available until the 10th of June.

For more information about the event contact:Stella Botchway ( or visit Submissions for the public health film prize is currently open, competition details to be found on our website.

You can follow the Public Health Film Society on Twitter at @PHFilmSociety

The festival is supported by TORCH, the University of Oxford, the British Medical Association and Oxfordshire County Council


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