Qualitative Research Assistant in Migration and Media Analysis


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We're seeking a qualitative research assistant to conduct an in-depth discourse analysis of in total 20 primetime news reports about migration at one major public and one major private TV channel in the UK or Germany (if the candidate is competent in German and/or familiar with the German media environment). The researcher's analysis will feed into a comparative project, comprising further discourse analyses from the  Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. The project is undertaken by the Central European University and Datalyrics.org and is co-funded by the Visegrad Fund. The aim of the project is to shed light on the relations between non/compliance with journalistic standards like separation of news and views, impartiality, accuracy and transparency and concrete narratives about migration. Start date asap, remuneration is EUR 1,500.

For more details, contact David Ruzicka (davidr@datalyrics.org).