Survey participants needed: Covid-19 impact on researchers

SMaRteN is a national research network funded by UK Research and Innovation, led by King's College London, focusing on Student Mental Health in Higher Education. Working with researchers with a range of expertise and key stakeholders across the Higher Education sector, the aim of the SMaRteN network is to improve the understanding of student mental health.

Covid-19 and the associated lock down has caused substantive disruption to the study and work of doctoral students and researchers in universities. The response to the pandemic has varied across universities and research funders.

SMaRteN and Vitae are conducting a survey to understand how doctoral researchers and research staff have been affected by the pandemic. The survey includes questions relating to the impact of COVID-19 on research work, mental wellbeing, and social connection. It further addresses the impact of COVID-19 on changes to employment outside of academia, living arrangements and caring arrangements and the consequent effect of these changes on research work. The survey considers the support provided by supervisors / line managers and by universities. 

All doctoral students and early career researchers usually resident in the UK or currently working / studying in the UK are welcome to participate.

To find out more about the survey and to participate, see the SMaRteN webpage.