TORCH goes Digital!

Torch goes digital! On a starry background with TORCH logo.

Following the current circumstances, many of the events supported and advertised by TORCH have been postponed or cancelled. We apologise for the inconvenience and hope you will understand our decision in light of the uncertainty arising from recent global events. We hope to rearrange these events in the future, and details will be posted on the TORCH website, social media, and via the TORCH newsletter in due course.

In light of recent global developments, TORCH has decided to go wholly digital for a while. To this end, we have prepared a variety of exciting competitions, articles, flash-fiction contests, podcasts and like. These activities will help us continue to support research and community engagement, but in brand-new and innovative ways.

Get ready for 'Big Tent, Big Ideas' live online event series, as part of the Humanities Cultural Programme.


Over the coming weeks, we will be rolling out new and curated content centred around the following themes:

  • AI, technology and the Humanities  (23-29 March)
  • Peace and Conflict  (30 March-5 April)
  • Environmental Humanities  (6-12 April) 
  • Medical Humanities  (13-19 April)
  • Storytelling  (20-26 April)
  • Reading  (27 April-3 May)
  • Music  (4-10 May)

We welcome any and all content submissions related to these themes. Some suggestions might be: 

  • Poems
  • Artworks
  • Blog posts 
  • Reviews of books, podcasts, or documentaries related to the theme 
  • A curated list of your top book/podcast recommendations related to the theme
  • Biographies of your heroes
  • A "Day in the Life" of researcher or student focusing on one of the themes

Unleash your creativity, and send any and all suggestions and content to
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As part of TORCH Goes Digital, we are excited to announce the launch of the "Big Tent, Big Ideas!" Live online events series, as part of the Humanities Cultural Programme. 
Join us each week for a new live, online event as part of that weekly theme. See the live online event programme updates here.

The next live event is Thursday 16th April, 5pm: "Invalids on the Move
Prof Sally Shuttleworth (English Faculty) and Prof Erica Charters (History Faculty) in conversation as part of Medical Humanities week.
At a time when we are all locked down in our homes, Sally Shuttleworth and Erica Charters take a look, both serious and light-hearted, at the treatment of health and disease in the past.

We are highly conscious of the need to maintain community support and cooperation in these trying times. We are open to any and all suggestions for cultivating positive thinking and a healthy mind-frame, and will be sure to share our thoughts and findings with you all.

Rest assured that TORCH will remain a nucleus of intellectual energy for the humanities and a place to develop new ideas and collaborations both within and beyond academia.