OCCT TT Week 1 2019 Updates

Don’t forget to attend the Weidenfeld lectures at St Anne’s next week! The 2018-19 Weidenfeld Visiting Professorship will be held by the highly-esteemed Durs Grünbein. Durs is a major literary figure, having published fifteen collections of poetry, one diary, a book of memories, and four books of essays. Also translations of Aischylos, Seneca, Juvenal. His work has been awarded many major German and International literary prizes, including the Büchner-Price 1995, Nietzsche-Prize 2004, Hölderlin-Prize 2005, Pier-Paolo-Pasolini-Prize in Italy 2006 and Transtömer-Prize in Sweden 2012. Durs is lecturing on Tuesday and Thursday of 2nd week and 4th week at 5.30 pm, Tsuzuki Lecture Theatre. The title of the lectures is 'Beyond Literature: Or, on the intrusion of history into the narrative of one's own life'. For further details, see our events page.

On Monday, the Discussion Group will further explore last term's field of enquiry:  English translations of texts belonging to literatures which have often been deemed 'minor' and/or underrepresented in mainstream (Western) academia. In our first meeting, we will explore Uyghur literature, which will be kindly introduced to us by Rahima Mahmut.


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