Approaches to Sanctity

early modern catholicism

An interdisciplinary lunchtime discussion group meeting to consider new approaches to sanctity in the early modern world, particularly intended for graduate students and early career researchers, but all are warmly invited to attend. The starred text below will form the starting point for discussion. Free sandwich lunch provided. Contact to confirm participation.


Reading: Clare Copeland, ‘Sanctity’ in Alexandra Bamji, Geert H. Janssen, and Mary Laven eds., The Ashgate Research Companion to the Counter-Reformation (Farnham, 2013), pp. 225-241.*
Simon Ditchfield, ‘Thinking with Saints: Sanctity and Society in the Early Modern World’, Critical Enquiry, 35 (2009), pp. 552-584.

Conveners: Nicholas Davidson, Tom Hamilton, Katie McKeogh Emma Turnbull


Early Modern Catholicism

Audience: Open to all