Brazil Week: Film screening of Durval Records

brazil week

Film Screening: Durval Records, dir. Anna Muylaert (2002), 92 minutes (English subtitles).

Starring: Ary França, Etty Fraser, Marisa Orth, Rita Lee

Introduced by Gui Perdigão          

In this film homage to vinyl and Brazilian music from the 1970s, Durval owns a record shop in São Paulo but refuses to bow to the pressure of modernity, in the form of CDs. When a small girl is unexpectedly left in his care, Durval’s life changes for ever.

This event is part of Brazil Week 2016. The organizers are grateful for the support and assistance of St Peter’s College JCR, the Sub-Faculty of Portuguese and the Faculty of Modern Languages, and the TORCH Global Brazil Network (Humanities Division). Contacts: Claire WilliamsGui Perdigao and Daniel Mandur Thomaz.