Brazil Week: Film Screening of To The Left Hand of the Father

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016 - 4:00pm

Jesus College, Turl Street

Memorial Room

A screening of cult director Luiz Fernando Carvalho’s elegant and textured adaptation of Nassar’s Lavoura Arcaica (1984); also recently published in English by Penguin Classics as Ancient Tillage. The text, set in the 1940s, portrays the return of a prodigal son to a family of Lebanese migrants who have settled in the interior of Brazil.

Film: To the Left Hand of the Father (2001), 2h 43 minutes (English subtitles)

Starring Selton Mello, Raul Cortez and Simone Spoladore

Introduced by Gui Perdigão

This event is part of Brazil Week 2016. The organizers are grateful for the support and assistance of St Peter’s College JCR, the Sub-Faculty of Portuguese and the Faculty of Modern Languages, and the TORCH Global Brazil Network (Humanities Division). Contacts: Claire Williams,  Gui Perdigao and Daniel Mandur Thomaz.


Global Brazil

Audience: Open to all