Call for Applications: Study Trip to Brussels 24-25 October 2019


Application deadline 10th September 2019

The Europaeum is looking for ten additional postgraduates to join this annual study trip to Brussels, organised in the framework of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree European Politics and Society. It is a two-day trip to the core of the European Union institutional headquarters, consisting of a number of visits in various institutions related to the functioning of the European Union and Europe in general. It comprises meetings in the official EU institutions such as the European Commission, the Council, European External Action Service or the European Parliament, but also takes into account national representations as well as NGOs.
In 2019 three main themes that will be addressed during the meetings:
1. New political situation in the EU after the 2019 EP elections
2. European Union vis-à-vis the so-called emerging powers (e.g. China, Russia, Brazil)
3. The EU and the environmental agenda
In addition to those, the EPS students were able to identify an additional area of interest – this year the chose the topic of Transatlantic Relations. The themes indicated above have a strong rationale. The 2019 EP elections were to large extent extraordinary – the turnout across Europe was higher than usual, the far-right political parties increased their share of seats in the EP, but not at the expense of the liberal groups, the concept of Spitzenkandidat was effectively killed. It therefore created a new political environment, which would be interesting for students to have an insider look.
The second topic focusing on emerging powers has been significant already for some time. Countries such as China and Russia have not only become more assertive towards European proposals and ideas on mutual cooperation, but also aggressive in certain instances – both economically and politically. In such a context the fragmented EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy needs a closer look and re-evaluation whether it is able to be an efficient tool to address the rising powers.
Finally, the EU’s environmental agenda has also been a hot topic for a while, however the recent changes in the international order seem to have weakened EU’s global leadership in this area. Also, internally, the ambitious goals that the EU set for itself when it comes to environmental policy are contested by a number of the Member States.

Students currently enrolled on master’s or PhD courses at a Europaeum member university can apply, and this includes those who have a confirmed place (2019 onwards) on a postgraduate degree at a member university.  Successful candidates will be provided with accommodation free of charge and will be reimbursed reasonable travel expenses within Europe, with arrival in Brussels on 23 October.

Documents required by the deadline:

  • a completed application form (see above)
  • a brief statement how this trip relates to your academic work and how you envisage benefitting from it
  • a CV
  • a reference from your supervisor, or someone who can comment on your academic qualities from recent experience (this should also arrive by the deadline


All applications and enquiries to