Critical Visualization Lunchtime Seminar

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Each of our network lunchtime sessions will feature two 10-minute talks, that won’t be necessarily related beyond the fact that they broach an aspect of visualisation.

We are delighted to have the two following speakers presenting at this lunchtime gathering.

Christine Madsen (Oxford e-Research Centre): Visualizing what isn’t there


In 2014 the University of Oxford began a robust and unique program of activities to improve discovery of and access to the assets in its libraries, museums, and gardens. A year-long research study revealed the nuances of why incoming researchers and students struggle to find relevant collections and found that simply providing better search tools across existing metadata will not improve the situation. A recent project has sought to create an innovative working prototype for innovative resource discovery that balances users’ needs for cognitive maps against wide-ranging types, and robustness, of data. The biggest obstacle to a successful prototype has been the difficulty of visualizing the collections that have little to no metadata – the problem of visualizing what isn’t there.

Martin John Hadley (IT services): The Interactive Data Network


The Interactive Data Network (IDN) is a new component of the Research Technology Consultation service provided by IT Services, you can read more about our work at In addition to offering training, advice and consultative support in creating interactive data visualisation using a variety of tools, we also manage an institutional subscription.

R is well known as a versatile scripting language for data analysis and visualisation, and using Shiny it's possible to build powerful interactive data-driven web applications without knowledge of any web technologies.

Martin Hadley is the technical lead for the IDN and will provide an overview of our visualisation service and how you can get involved.


Critical Visualization

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