Early Modern Martyrdom and Martyrologies

early modern catholicism

An informal one-day workshop exploring experiences of martyrdom within various Christian confessions during the early modern period, and how accounts of such deaths were presented and received. Martyrs were identified by Catholics, Protestants and Anabaptists in many different lands, whilst pamphlets, letters, songs, images, objects and a lively oral tradition ensured that news of their deaths could spread far and wide. Over the course of the day presentations will throw spotlights on Foxe and Crespin, the Jesuits of New France, Anabaptist martyrs, and Michael Servetus with the aim of exploring how Christians from different confessional backgrounds responded to violent death, interpreted death as (true) martyrdom, and portrayed these events to a wider audience. There will be plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion.

Speakers include: Katherine Hill (Oxford University); Fiona Kao (Cambridge University); Michael Knox (Oxford University); James Matarazzo (Oxford University); Susan Royal (Durham University); Jameson Tucker (Plymouth University); David van der Linden (Erasmus University).


Early Modern Catholicism

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