Engaging Media Communications for Academics

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With an increasing focus on your research having an impact beyond academia it is important for researchers to have the skills and to feel comfortable talking to the media. This online workshop delivered by two experienced BBC producers and journalists, Claire Bolderson and Caroline Finnegan will cover finding the story in your work and how to prepare for an interview.

Workshop 1 – 9.30am until 1:00pm or 2:00pm until 5.30pm (please only book onto one session)

This session covers:

  • Finding the “story” in your research
  • Using language that will help you share that story with others.
  • Being accessible to journalists who may be interested in your work.
  • Preparing for a broadcast interview – including the crucial questions you need to ask a reporter/producer before you answer theirs.
  • Performing well during the interview. From what to wear, to staying in control of the conversation and remaining relaxed (with an emphasis on interviews done online from the home or office environment).

Workshop 2 – 2.30pm until 5.00pm, there will also be one to one sessions available in the morning.

In the morning up to five volunteers will be filmed being interviewed on their chosen subjects and constructively critiqued. Veteran TV journalists, Claire and Caroline, will guide you through the process of refining your academic work into a story that is accessible to a wider audience. Practical exercises and examples will be used to help you get the best results. Individual bookings will be made for these sessions.

In the afternoon all participants from Workshop 1 join together for review of a story telling exercise from Day 1, and to watch and critique some of the morning’s recorded interviews.

You must be able to attend both sessions, one on 8 March and another on 11 March.

Please note, this session is open to researchers from the Humanities Division only in the first instance, if spaces are available the course will be opened up to researchers in other areas.

For further information please contact training@humanities.ox.ac.uk.

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