Call for Papers: Europaeum Classics Colloquium



“sacrifice is an offering to each god from what he has given, with which he sustains us and maintains our essence in being” - Porphyry, On Abstinence from Killing Animals

Sacrifice is a universal pattern of human behaviour, most important expression of any ancient religion, including Christianity. It seems to be an appropriate ground for comparative and interdisciplinary study for better understanding of ancient culture and its influence on modern theology, psychology, anthropology, art and literature.
The papers presented at the conference should attempt to grasp various aspects of sacrifice in the horizon of different kinds of human experience and ideas. The presentations should focus on – however not be limited to – sacrificial ritual in religious practice, narration and other forms of representation (inscriptions, archaeological findings etc). Case studies as well as more general approaches are equally welcome. Interdisciplinary and comparative study of sacrifice will focus on the mutual impact of different points of view: anthropological, historical, philosophical, theological and religious, archaeological, linguistic, artistic and literary. Keynote speakers will include Professor Krzysztof Bielawski
Applications are given the option to give a paper on how Sacrifice has been used as an instrument for promoting and supporting cultural, social and political changes.

More information on how to apply:

Students currently enrolled on master’s or PhD courses at a Europaeum member university can apply. Successful candidates will be provided with accommodation free of charge and will be reimbursed reasonable travel expenses within Europe.

DEADLINE 22nd September 2019. All enquiries: