First discussion session: Relazioni and diplomatic reporting

luca carlevaris  the reception of cardinal cesar destrees

Next Tuesday (16 October) will mark the beginning of our Network's discussion group. The theme for this session will be "Relazioni and diplomatic reporting". Please read the three following articles in advance of the seminar, which we shall then discuss over tea and biscuits, in a very informal and relaxed atmosphere! 

1) Vivo, Filippo de, ‘How to Read Venetian Relazioni’, Renaissance and Reformation 34.1–2 (2011), 25-59

2) Vivo, Filippo de, ‘Archives of Speech: Recording Diplomatic Negotiation in Late Medieval and Early Modern Italy’, European History Quarterly, 46.3 (2016), 519-544

3) Queller, Donald, ‘The Development of Ambassadorial Relazioni’, in John Rigby Hale (ed.), Renaissance Venice, London, 1973, pp. 174-196


Look forward to seeing many of you there!


Diplomacy in Early Modern Period 1400-1800

Contact name: Ruggero Sciuto

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Audience: Open to all