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Over the last years, TORCH Global South Visiting Fellow Nana Oforiatta Ayim has been working on a number of projects in Ghana that reimagine the archive and museum models: The Mobile Museums project goes into communities with a mobile museum structure and collects and exhibits cultural narratives and artefacts within those museums; a pan-African cultural encyclopaedia, an online archive for pluralistic narratives; and the renovation of a former slave castle, the Osu Castle, into a museum. In this talk she will be showing film clips and material from each of these projects, in which the key elements are the narratives of the people, the objects, and of the structures themselves.

TORCH Global South Visiting Professors and Fellows

Humanities & Identities

The Oxford Centre for Life-Writing, OCLW

Contact email: hannie.lawlor@wolfson.ox.ac.uk

Audience: Open to all

22/10/2019 18:49:58
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