How will arts and heritage matter after the coronavirus crisis?

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This session will reflect on the potential changes brought by coronavirus to the UK arts and heritage sector. Taking the long view, what might change as a consequence of our experiences – both individual and collective – during this time of crisis? Will international travel and tourism survive, or will we be ever more local or regional in our visits? If museums and cultural venues close, what will replace them, and how will they be funded?


  • Bernard Donoghue (Chief Executive, ALVA)
  • Eliza Easton (Head of Policy Unit, Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre, NESTA).
  • Janet Stott (Deputy Director and Head of Public Engagement, Oxford University Museum of Natural History).

All are welcome to join us for a twitter chat following on from the session, hosted by the Oxford University Heritage Network (@Oxford_Heritage). Follow #HeritagePathway to join in!

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This is the third in a series of three sessions on 'The Business of Heritage at a Time of Global Crisis'. Information and booking for the first session can be found here and for the second session here. For further information please email