Humanities Cultural Programme - Visiting Fellowships

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Humanities Cultural Programme - Visiting Fellowships



- Current call (3rd call) open: 13th December 2019 
- Deadline for current call: 13th January 2020 


- 4th call to open: 14th January 2020
- Deadline for 4th call: 5th February 2020


- 5th call to open: 6th February 2020
- Deadline for 5th call: 4th March 2020


- 6th call to open: 5th March 2020
- Deadline for 6th call: 23rd April 2020


- 7th call to open: 24th April 2020
- Deadline for 7th call: 14 May 2020


- 8th call to open: 15th May 2020
- Deadline for 8th call: 4th June 2020


Further dates will be announced in due course. 

Call details:

The Humanities Cultural Programme Visiting Fellowship scheme is set up to support Oxford Researchers in hosting Visiting Fellows in Oxford. Building on existing schemes of Visiting International Fellows and Visiting Global South Professors, this new stream is specifically for Visiting Fellows who are artists, writers, arts practitioners, and performers.

Each Fellowship will be supported through TORCH to deliver three (or more) public events, and associated activities tailored to more specific audiences – these might include students, local theatre partners, or masterclasses, workshops etc.

Assessment Criteria

  • Application clearly explains the context and rationale for the proposed Visiting Fellow;
  • Provides a clear timeline for activity for the Visiting Fellow. Please provide a clear and concise summary of the public events, seminars, workshops etc. in which they will be involved, including details of suggested venues, speakers, etc.;
  • Give an outline budget;
  • Clearly explain what the envisioned legacy for the proposed Fellowship is; what new connections will be established, and what the fit is with any existing projects, networks or programmes;
  • Show what other funds have been raised externally and/or internally.

Application Process
Applications are via the IRAMS system and the ‘Case for Support’ form.

HCP Visiting Fellowships are put forward by an Oxford Humanities academic, and are selected from the gathered field by the Humanities Cultural Partnership Steering Group.

In the case for support form, the Oxford Humanities academic should outline why they have selected the researcher and how their research and practice would contribute to the students and researchers of University of Oxford, as well as how the research and student community can learn from the Visiting Fellow, and develop longer term partnerships.

Each application should also consider the connections elsewhere in the University (including GLAM (Gardens Libraries and Museums), outside of the University, and be open to co-hosting with an external cultural partner where relevant. 

The application should include the proposed Visiting Fellow’s CV, 'Case for Support' form, outlining plans during their Visiting Fellowship.


Potential HCP Visiting Fellows can include artists, writers, arts practitioners, and performers of any kind. University of Oxford postholders must hold a contract for the whole period covered by their application.

Length of Fellowship
Visiting Fellowships can hold the association for up to 1 calendar year, and must be in Oxford for a minimum of three events, and to help curate the associated activities. 

Each Visiting Fellowship includes funding of £5k for a travel bursary for the Fellow, and up to £5k to cover events and related activities, and accommodation etc.

How to apply: University of Oxford Applicants must submit the application via IRAMS.

Applications are accepted monthly:
Notifications of awards will be given within 3 weeks of deadline closing.