'Identities: Personal, Local and Otherwise' Graduate Workshop

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*** Please note that the date of this event has changed to the 30th May ***

In this workshop students and researchers will learn how to use various modes of ‘capturing’ identities to facilitate a broader discussion on personal and social identity, and the ways of defining made possible in different spaces, and places. Based on an initial 20 minute presentation by TORCH Global South Visiting Professor Joy Owen, the participants will pursue and explore the following questions:

  • Who defines and why?
  • What creates connection and disconnection in various spaces, and places?What are the primary social markers of difference (and similarity) in my country of origin? How do these primary social markers align with those in Oxford, or the UK?
  • Is the global citizen possible? If yes, how? If no, why? What do we mean by ‘global’? Global for who …
  • Casting your eyes forward (and back), what kinds of socially relevant questions do we need to ask in respect of identities in the twenty-first century? What are the BIG questions?

 The focus of the workshop will be anthropological, and for this reason the ‘work’ done by participants during this process will be micro-based. Participants’ experiences will therefore be ‘used’ to work through the above questions, as well as any research encounters they may have had.

A single mother to a toddler, Professor Joy Owen also heads the Anthropology department at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein, South Africa. Her more recent research projects consider the decolonial 'project' in higher education in South Africa, motherhood in the academy and the narratives of contemporary 'self-exiled' transmigrant South Africa.

Participants are encouraged to come to the workshop with their own questions about the topics approached during this event. The event is specifically aimed to graduate students at Oxford, but ECRs, researchers and writers from the University of Oxford are also encouraged to sign up.

Refreshments (tea, coffee and biscuits) will be provided.

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