Global International Thought in the Portuguese-speaking World: Amílcar Cabral



In this session of the Global Thinkers of the International Series, Dr Branwen Guffydd Jones, expert on African anticolonialism in International Relations from Cardiff University, will discuss the life and internationalist thought of one of Africa’s foremost anti-colonial activists, Amílcar Cabral (1924-1973).

The revolutionary Cabral was a Bissau-Guinean and Cape Verdean intellectual, poet, theoretician, revolutionary, political organiser, diplomat and nationalist. Having led one of the most successful wars of independence in modern African history, Cabral was an inspiration to revolutionary socialists and independence movements globally.

This session aims to shed light not only on his contribution to nationalist movements, but how this was shaped by his view and understanding of a just and equal international order.

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Convenors: Professor Richard Caplan, Dr Marina Perez de Arcos and Sharinee Jagtiani

Organised with support from the Oxford University Press John Fell Fund and in collaboration with the African Studies and Latin American Centre, Oxford School of Global and Area Studies.