Instruments of Emancipation: The Changing Uses and Roles of Keyboards in the Eighteenth-Century

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The RECSO TORCH network are hosting an event on 'Instruments of Emancipation: the changing uses and roles of keyboards in the eighteenth century', speaker Francis Knights, Director of Studies in Music, University of Cambridge.

The 18th century saw a number of very significant changes in the status of keyboard instruments and their players. Makers of harpsichords, clavichords, fortepianos and organs began to cater for an ever-growing market of wealthy amateur players, including women. 

By the end of the century, the solo keyboard recital was born, and the stage set for the 19th century touring piano virtuosi who would achieve the celebrity status that had previously been the preserve of violinists and opera singers.

Live music examples using keyboards from the Bate Collection will support this narrative.

All welcome - no need to book in advance.


Romanticism and Eighteenth-Century Studies Oxford

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