Intelligent Technologies and Authority

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This invitation-only workshop is the third event in a joint workstream in the Royal College of Physicians project Professionalism and Trust, led by Dr Jude Tweedie, and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funded project Compassion in Healthcare: Practical Policy for Civic Life, led by Professor Joshua Hordern. It is the second of three workshops which will explore key themes and produce text for ‘The Dedicated Doctor’ report to be published by the Royal College of Physicians London.

The workshop will bring together experts from a range of professional backgrounds to analyse and help shape the trustworthy attitudes and behaviours required of professionals now and in the future, in order that trust may be strengthened or restored.

This third workshop will focus on the theme of Intelligent technologies and authority.

What impact will developments in machine learning/AI have on medical professionals, the organisations they work in and the patients/public they serve?

What strategies of accommodation or resistance might be appropriate? What is the significance of these developments for the standing/authority of medical professionals?

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Medical Humanities
Compassion in Healthcare

Contact name: Joshua Hordern
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Audience: University of Oxford only