Interdisciplinary Connections: "Conflict and Resistance"

This series of informal networking events provides an opportunity for researchers at any stage of their career to meet others working on similar, cognate or connected topics. Each event is designed to bridge the artificial disciplinary boundaries imposed  by the university structure of faculties and departments, bringing together researchers with similar interests who might not otherwise have the opportunity to meet.

There are no specified outcomes for these events: we hope that those who attend will continue conversations with fellow participants after the event and that fruitful collaborations, networks and friendships will evolve as a result.

The topic for this session is "Conflict and Resistance". If your research touches on, intersects with, or speaks to this session's topic, we encourage you to sign up!

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This session is part of a series of three events in Hilary Term. For more information about this series, and links to the other two sessions, see this page.