Introduction to Writing for The Conversation

Notebook and pencil

If you're in an academic career, or if you're looking to pursue one, communicating your research to a range of audiences is probably going to be an important part of what you do. The Conversation is a platform for academics aimed at encouraging exactly this. Oxford is a member of The Conversation and as such receives regular opportunities for researchers across the University to contribute articles and to take part in hands-on training to enhance writing and engagement skills.

This introductory session is suitable for Social Sciences and Humanities researchers at all career stages.

Presentation: What is The Conversation?
• What is TC, origins and aims, what we do and why
• How our editors work with academics
• Why we’re different to other media organisations
• The benefits for academics and universities

Things to emphasise:
• Approval and disclosure
• Editorial support
• Republication in major media outlets
• Wide international audience
• Academics as experts in their field, not restricted to writing only about their own research

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